Who am I?

Hi everyone! Welcome and thank you for visiting my site. I'm an actor living and working in Slovenia. For the past ten years I've acted in various dramas, comedies and musicals, I’m currently working on TV as a host at SLOVENIA’S GOT TALENT and also starring in a drama TV series called “Reka ljubezni” (The Love River - my translation :))

In the season 2018/2019 I’m touring around Slovenia with the musical “GREASE” where I play the roles of Vince Fontaine and Teen Angel, fot the 5th season I do my own monocomedy “THE PRISONER nr. 3.2.3.” and also a play for kids “iCANKAR” is in it’s second season. So my days are pretty much full with what I love to do.

Check out my work and pics and if you have an idea for a cool and important project don't hesitate to contact me.

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