Here are some of my latest projects which I'm proud of and happy to be a part of. A few stories I feel important to share.

Hosting the 7th season of the Sloveina’s Got Talent show is so much fun. Keeps me creative and I’m learnning a lot about doing things the “TV way”.

This is the show that i’m most proud of. A monocomedy “THE PRISONER nr. 3.2.3.” is a witty and smart story about a guy just before his 30th birthday. The tittle is an intentional spoiler cause I’m telling my story from inside of a prison.

A short clip from a soap opera I participated in. My first  TV role was well accepted and along with my other projects, got me the "Best Actor" award in 2016.


"Best Actor" award

Thrilled and happy for the nomination but just plain honoured when I won.

"Dance Amore" is  our new dance show. A story about life, love and passion was born in September 2017. The first three shows were sold out and the teaser will show you why.

I hosted the 6th season of a show you probably heard about in your country. It was a great pleasure to work with my brother hand in hand literally as hosts of the Slovenia's Got Talent show.